Let me introduce myself – Nick Tumminello. I am working with Bob Broughton on the volunteer effort for assisting the Marion County Election Service Center (MCESC) in absentee ballot processing. Bob has asked me to lead the volunteer recruiting and coordination process for us. We believe there will be a huge need for volunteer resources! We will augment staff at the MCESC and will be involved in a number of different activities: assembling mail packets, prepping ballots for mailing, processing incoming ballots, prep for counting process once election day arrives. 


The MCESC is dedicated to having safe working conditions – social distancing/spacing, masks required, hand sanitizer. This also mean you MUST wear a mask (bring your own) and no open-toed shoes (safety requirement).


Things are starting to heat up – staring this week the MCESC will be processing 50,000 absentee ballot requests already received and they will be mailed out by September 19. This will require many hands to prep mail packages, pull ballots, etc. It will be the start of the “live” processing – THIS IS NOT A DRILL – and will be tested and scaled up. 


We are also scaling up our volunteer effort. Right now we estimate we will need 60-100 volunteers by the time the outgoing ballot and incoming (returned) ballot processing over laps. So your time is needed and greatly appreciated. PLEASE SIGN UP FOR WORK SHIFTS – SEE BELOW.  INVITE YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY, COLLEAGUES – Send me their name and contact info – or give them my contact: dtumminello99@gmail.com 317.658.4819


NEW VOLUNTEERS – You must be officially on-boarded BEFORE you can work at the Center – Sign up for On-boarding (See Below).




We are using SignUp.com to manage signing up for specific time slots. Currently we have two shifts per-day, M-F: 9:30a-12:30p and 12:30p-4:00p  https://signup.com/go/qKoyZnn




  1. MCESC ONBOARDING - You must be officially onboarded by HR at the Service Center before you can do any work. This will entail a brief intro, education and signing a confidentiality agreement. This will be done on specific days by MCESC HR personnel The Center HR head has provided the following Onboarding sessions:

    1. SIGN UP FOR ONBOARDING - https://signup.com/go/qKoyZnn Select one of the dates below and you will see ONBOARDING slot.

    2. September 16th – 2pm – Onboarding Session

    3. September 23rd – 2pm- Onboarding Session

    4. September 30th – 2pm- Onboarding Session

  2. Sign-Up for work shifts – Please sign up for any and all shifts you can commit to. I have set up the schedule through Nov. 6th (there will be ballot processing and vote counting in the days after the election.

    1. IF YOU HAVE ALREADY BEEN ONBOARDED – we really need your help this week! Please sign up for as many slots as you can. We won’t have another wave of volunteers until late in the week

    2. IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN ONBOARDED – Please sign up for shifts that are AFTER your scheduled on-boarding date – see above.

  3. ALL VOLUNTEERS – must wear mask – must wear closed-toe shoes

NOTE: Please bear with us – we will have growing pains, we will have process challenges, we will have down time – know we are all dedicated to the same goals of ensuring every Marion County Voter that requests an absentee ballot receives one in time AND every absentee ballot cast gets counted!


If you have questions – call, text or email me.


Thank you, thank you!




Dominic Tumminello

+1 317 658 4819




PO Box 44410
Indianapolis, IN 46244-0410