We invite our neighbors to join the Lockerbie Square Neighborhood Association.  Your membership not only ensures your ability to vote on issues affecting the neighborhood, but it also ensures that the neighborhood is able to pay expenditures relating to the neighborhood's infrastructure, social activities, and other items.

Recommended contribution:

Single Membership: $35 

Family Membership: $70

Friends of Lockerbie: $200+ (recommended)

Become a member now:

Is my membership tax-deductible? 

The first $35 for a "single" and $70 for a "family" of the amount will apply to membership and the balance is a charitable donation. 

I already contribute to my HOA or pay a monthly rent, why should I contribute to the Lockerbie Square Neighborhood Association?

While your HOA fees or rental fees may assist with maintaining and improving your individual property, no portion of those fees are paid to the Lockerbie Square Neighborhood Association.  It's a privilege to live in this amazing neighborhood, and with your support, we can make this neighborhood even better.  Furthermore, by becoming a member you are able to vote on critical initiatives happening within the neighborhood.

If you would prefer to submit your membership via mail:

Please provide your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address with a check made out to Lockerbie Square Foundation, Inc mailed to Lockerbie Square Neighborhood Association

PO Box 44410 Indianapolis, IN 46244.



PO Box 44410
Indianapolis, IN 46244-0410